Daytime Entertainment

by Alex, Mon 8th August, 2016

This package features daytime solo entertainment and performances by Alex Birtwell’s acoustic loop act.

Photo credit Eighth Avenue Photography and Film at Crow Wood Hotel

This includes by default 3 x 45 minute sets from the available package elements with additional sets available to add on. Available elements include:

You can add Lewis in as the duo for 2 of these sets usually at the add on rate specified at the Add Ons page.

Our most popular formation

This tends to be 2 drinks reception sets followed by a set for wedding breakfast hosting.

Some people would tend to add on a set for the live ceremony performance as well.

Our favourite “THE GAP FILLER”

This is my favourite because as the title suggest it provides entertainment throughout all the parts of the day that are usually classed as lulls. These are your drinks reception and your evening change over section before the night party starts.

The benefit of providing daytime only entertainment is that nothing needs to be held back for the evening so all the big party starter anthems and the fans favourite mashups can all be included in these sets.

THE GAP FILLER can take 2 main options and you can also add on a live first dance performance with a short set alongside to kickstart the evening party, (see for the add on rates).

OPTION 1 (3 sets)

  • Afternoon Drinks Reception Set (2 Sets)
  • Early Evening Changover (1 Set)

OPTION 2 (4 sets)

Perfect for those more party daytimes and friend heavy daytime guest lists.

  • Afternoon Drinks Reception Set (2 Sets)
  • Wedding Breakfast Hosting (1 Set)
  • Early Evening Changover (1 Set)