Audio Guest Book (add on)

by Alex, Tue 21st March, 2023

Audio Guest Book with Included Decor

Here you find our own take on the growing trend of Audio Guest Book. A great alternative or addition to the standard guest book you would usually place at your wedding but this time with all the fun and bloopers of the live recordings! Trust me as the day progresses these messages can get even more interesting.

We found a lot of companies hiring the more basically looking phones and with our computing and programming expertise we decided to apply this to more retro looking handset and we couldn’t be more please with the results!



It’s super simple to use, very elegant in look and comes with our own signage, apple crate decor and neon hello sign.

How does it work?

Firstly our phone is powered by battery so it can literally be placed anywhere in your room. And as our signage says, your guests simply:

  1. Pick up the phone
  2. Leave a message after the tone
  3. Hang up when finished

At the end of the event we will provide you a file share link to access all the of the recordings individually in MP3 format as well as a combined mix of all the messages in a single file so that you can listen through them all in one go.

Here’s an example file from one of our recent hires!

Additionally, if you want to send us your own greeting, we can add this to be played each time the phone is raised to your guests providing them with a welcome or ideas of what to say before they leave there message, just one more way to make the whole experience more fun or personal!

Here’s an example greeting:

Or you can leave our default greeting in place which is below:

Interested? The audio guest book to add on for the duration of your entertainment booking with us for only £100. Just request this via email.