About Me

by Alex, Tue 19th April, 2022

So a little bit about ME, ‘Alex Birtwell’ and our personal service

I love weddings and I love music having performed at probably just over a 1000 weddings now and had the pleasure of touring and gigging all over the world in various forms!

When you book ME, it is ME that will be there on your big day working as hard as I can to deliver your dream vision and the atmosphere you desire for all parts of your day. Even when our DJ is commanding the dance floor I’m still close at hand to make sure everything is as we planned.

When we meet to plan the entertainment you have booked it is ME who will be their to discuss everything with you and to be honest, most couples biggest surprise after our meeting is about the level of thought that goes into the programme of the day. When you book entertainment with us it’s not just about song choices, it’s about the atmosphere and party you want at various stages of the day, it’s about the key guests you want to involve, it’s about ensuring that what we deliver to your day is as natural and “non-cheesey” as possible.

I want everyone to walk away from YOUR wedding and say its was at least a “GREAT” wedding however than isn’t good enough for ME and it shouldn’t be for you. I want your key guests and closest friends to walk away from your wedding and say it was the BEST WEDDING they have ever been to and more importantly that it was 100% your wedding! That’s what I and WE strive for!