Smart Booth – The photobooth of the future

by Alex, Sat 1st May, 2021

Take a look at our latest addition, the super sleek and modern “Smart Booth” which boasts a great experience and a whole range of innovative features.


  • Still Photos, Animated Gifs, Boomerang and Video options.
  • Fun Digital Props and Masks (Think snapchat!).
  • Choice of image filters.
  • Instant sharing including Email, SMS and QR code
  • Your own online live gallery
  • Customised image overlays for photo / print options available.
  • Touch free “Covid Secure” options.
  • Surveys and GDPR compliant marketing opt-in perfect for corporate or public events.


Our SmartBooths are available as a Digital Only service or with our unlimited print option*. You can even hire our SmartBooths in an unattended service on a drop off and collection arrangement**. This is perfect where guest numbers are limited, you’d prefer reduced contact or for a day event or conference with varying operation times.



Other key features & options

[vc_feature_box icon_active=”yes” icon=”fas fa-camera” title=”Unlimited Visits”]

Unlimited visits to the Photo Booth throughout the duration of the booking.


[vc_feature_box icon_active=”yes” icon=”fas fa-print” title=”* Unlimited Prints”]

Unlimited prints for the duration of the event or upto 400 prints on our unattended print service. 1 copy for the guestbook and an additional print per featured guest as requested.


[vc_feature_box icon_active=”yes” icon=”fas fa-image” title=”Photo Backdrop”]

Choose from our selection of large photo backdrops.


[vc_feature_box icon_active=”yes” icon=”fab fa-dropbox” title=”Physical Prop Box”]

We can provide one of our Prop Boxes with a selection of physical props.


[vc_feature_box icon_active=”yes” icon=”fas fa-qrcode” title=”Hybrid Booth”]

We can pair this with a £50 discount on our table selfie service with booth and selfie captures all shared to the same live gallery.


Take a look at our Backdrop Options.

Take a look at pairing the booth with our Selfie Booth service with a £50 discount when booked together.

Capture Options

[vc_feature_box type=”image” title=”Optional Filters” image=”3578″]

Various filters available for captures include Noir, Instant, Transfer and more.

[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box type=”image” title=”Animated Gif” image=”3581″]

Stop frame captures with moving images of multiple poses

[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box type=”image” title=”Virtual Props / Masks” image=”3576″]

Don’t want the clutter of physical props? Our virtual props are the perfect answer. Think SnapChat style filters! Want glasses? a floral head piece? an animal mask? no problem!


[vc_feature_box type=”image” title=”Video Captures Available” image=”3580″]

Capture a short moving image from guests to mix up your gallery

[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box type=”image” title=”Boomerang” image=”3579″]

The popular SnapChat / Instagram style boomerang captures


[vc_pricing_column column_style=”active” currency=”” price_subtitle=”Attended Digital Only Package” title=”Upto 4 hours hire” price=”£395″ features=”Add additional hours at £50 per hour” btn_text=”Enquire Now” url=”/booking-enquiries?package=smarta”]
[vc_pricing_column column_style=”active” currency=”” price_subtitle=”Attended Unlimited Print Package” title=”Upto 4 hours hire” price=”£495″ features=”Add additional hours at £50 per hour” btn_text=”Enquire Now” url=”/booking-enquiries?package=smartp”]
[vc_pricing_column column_style=”active” currency=”” price_subtitle=”Unattended Digital Only Package” title=”Upto 6 hours hire” price=”£350″ features=”Add additional hours at £20 per hour. This does not include physical props” btn_text=”Enquire Now” url=”/booking-enquiries?package=smartu”]


* Unlimited prints refers to a printed copy for every individual focussed in the picture plus an additional copy for the guest book. **our unattended service requires a security deposit of £600, unless it features on our pre approved venue list. This security deposit will be returned the day after collection of our equipment.


Due to the nature of our SmartBooth, the booth relies on a reliable internet connection via cellular service we include or a reliable venue Wi-Fi. If there is no reliable internet connection, all captures and shares will be queued and uploaded after the event.