Destination Wedding Entertainment – Getting Married Abroad

by Alex, Sat 24th November, 2018

So you are getting married abroad but want the party atmosphere of entertainment we provide along the way with you!

Well good news we do travel abroad and do 1/2 a year abroad as a rule. We’ve performed in the Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Marbella, Corfu and Cyprus to name a few.  We can offer the solo and duo complete day and night packages packages (platinum and deluxe plus) but do require a few pre requisites to be provided in order for us to do so which we’d ask you to sort (with our advisement).

So even though we are with you for 3 days we only charge the solo or duo day and night package fee as the base point and then we require the following to be provided:  
  • Flights and 2 nights accommodation at the same hotel or within a short commute for all members (2 with duo or 1 for solo if you or hotel provide DJ). Flying in ideally the day before the wedding and flying out the day after. We do require a minimum of 2 check in cases logged as sports equipment which is for Guitar and then Pedals etc and a further checked suit case for auxiliary equipment and spare cables. We may request 1 more if we are providing the DJ elements.
  • Airport Parking and transfers at the destination.
  • Equipment hire of pa and lighting equipment. Hotels are usually able to sort this for you and depending on where you are in the world we can provide guidance on equipment required and expected cost based on which package and what we’ve done in the past. Our example equipment request list can be found here.
  • Catering on the day of the wedding so we can remain close by.

I hope that helps. I’m also more than happy to discuss your requirements further via phone or in person if you don’t mind meeting at one of my preferred meeting places local to Blackburn, Lancashire.