Covid-19 / Coronavirus Statement and Guidance

by Alex, Fri 20th March, 2020

KEY POSTPONEMENT ADVICE- It is super important to pool your key suppliers diaries and find matching key dates with the suppliers and venue before confirming a new date otherwise you may lose out.

View our live calendar here

Updated 6th January 2021

Much as before everyone we have your back as best we can and can’t thank you enough for your support through a very tough year for the industry as well as yourselves.

You’ll notice in my previous updates it is very much a case of any available date is yours to postpone to with no additional costs if everything is staying at the same venue etc. A link to our live calendar is above. The contents of our September update (below) are also currently valid for any other scenarios but as always I’m around to setup a call and have a chat about any concerns you may have. 

Stay safe everyone!

Updated 23rd September 2020

Hi Everyone,

Since the announcement even after only 20 minutes I was inundated with requests from 2020 / 2021 couples looking to postpone. 

Even with heartbreaking news you guys have been amazing in standing by us and your other suppliers in opting to look for new dates I can’t thank you enough for that other than say no matter when the time comes we will be there to celebrate and make it all worthwhile.

As for you guys as our clients what is my advice and our stance…

Well if like me you’ve had enough of everything that is going on and you just want to be sure we are going to have the wedding party you dreamed of, if your getting married in before April 2020, pool your suppliers availability and speak to your venues for their stance on postponement and potential new dates.

I will happily help any one postpone to a new available date. As a reminder our live calendar is available for reference when looking at new dates and any dashes are sadly unavailable dates. Please note this  calendar show my availability for the Solo packages and can’t promise the availability of the duo, band or other named services but we will always likely be able to work something in. No matter what date your wedding is I will happily postpone to a future date without any price increases. I will happily hold ONE potential date on a rolling 7 day cycle whilst you confirm with your venue and other suppliers. 

For anybody who decides to go for a date we cannot attend, we will try and make sure you receive some form of service from us equal to your balances even if it is on a different date. Sadly for the sake of business survival we are not in a financial position to refund booking fees at this time however for any other balances paid we will do our best to provide any due reimbursements.

Thank you again for your support and understanding and if you are in any doubts or need to chat, please call me anytime 07792 305 834.